Our Services

iTelGlobe provides International Carrier service worldwide through myriad of different voice products as per our customer needs. Connecting with industry lead Tier-1 carriers: mobile operators and PSTN  we provide premium quality voice service to our customers who are more concerned about retailing and we do have wholesale and budget service level where low aggressive price with useable quality is more desired. iTelGlobe customises our offerings to you so that it fits into your business objectives. In a nutshell, we provide White CLI Quality routes, Premium Routes and Wholesale Standard Routes and even more customized service depending on our customer needs as mentioned below:

  •  White CLI routes
    Fits the requirements for operators whose subscribers need the highest voice quality with CLIPs display.
  • Premium routes
    Ideal for operators whose subscribers expect good voice quality at competitive prices with stable performance
  • Wholesale standard routes
    Designed for wholesale partners who request for competitive rates in wholesale voice industry

One of our key objectives is to ensure and deliver the best possible quality to our esteemed customers with High ASR and ACD for each service level mentioned.

  • Reliable technology

    State-of-the-art infrastucture

  • IP Telephony Network

     Provided over an MPLS-powered infrastructure

  • Wordwide coverage

    leveraging major extensive interconnection agreements

  • Scalability

     virtually unlimited bandwidth