About Us

ITELGLOBE Limited, a leading & fast growing UK based telecommunication & IT Solutions Company, has been providing sophisticated, customized & value-added services to the customers worldwide for a number of years. At ITELGLOBE, customer satisfaction is the heart of our operations excellence that ensured through sincere and caring cooperation with our valued customers, cost-effective approach & expanding IT performance.

We provide excellent facility of connecting the world with the highest possible quality through VoIP. ITELGLOBE has been established with the aim of minimizing the cost of our customers to communicate the world through our high quality IP Telephony service. Our wholesale voice termination service provides reliable and competitive International voice call termination to all over the world. Due to our sizeable traffic in wholesale minutes, we have some of the best international rates in the industry, and therefore are able to pass these savings to our clients. iTelGlobe is connected with the leading Tier-1 carriers and providers across the globe through which we ensure the best quality connections possible. Our high ASR & ACD and short PDD along with 24/7 customer service through our Network-Operations-Centre (NOC) witness the high standard of our service.

ITELGLOBE also has dedicated experts team equipped with contemporary industry focused IT knowledge. We help our clients developing sustainable business strategies by integrating dynamic industry experience & knowledge in the highly competitive business environment.