Our Key Features

  • IP Telephony Network supporting different types of signaling standards with IP voice transport and termination services provided over an MPLS-powered infrastructure

  • Quality of Service (QoS) transporting uncompressed voice traffic between our regional PoPs minimizing latency, packet loss and jitter;

  • Scalability backed by virtually unlimited bandwidth on our high quality infrastructure. Available codec support: G711, G729, G723

  • Flexible Interconnection with multiple voicePoPs providing a range of interconnection options: IP connectivity supporting H323 and SIP interfaces.

  • Worldwide coverage leveraging extensive interconnection agreements with major regional and international partners

  • Available methods of payment: Bank transfer, Paypal, and western Union.Reliable transporting using our state-of-the-art regional infrastructure

  • Quality Service

  • Interconnectivity

  • MPLS Telephony

  • IP Connectivity

  • Flexible Payment Options

  • Per Second Billing


  • Caring our clients to build a sustainable and value added relationship

  • Empowering employees to build a strong community

  • Ensuring fair and equitable HR practices for our stakeholders

  • Practicing good governance system for making strategic business decisions